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My life started like a small plant on 27th April 1986.It started growing and its root started its primary growth in Sri Ramakrishna School Of Institute.It gave sufficient energy to the plant for its growth.The plant grows and moves towards its secondary stage in St.Antony's Institute.St.Antony's Institute had a more fertile soil and it energies the plant to move higher and higher. The plant becomes a tree and gives rise to new roots in diploma in the soil Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic college.It gains up the mineral Electronics and communication Engineering in the diploma soil . After this it was thought that growth of the tree is completed .Now its time to the tree to stand by its own.It moves in searching. Something stops it and gives hot-bed to the tree ,its nothing just like Vana Mahotsava [My parents].The tree arts preparing photosynthesis [Electronics field] it & grows towards the direction of sun.Though the tree is well developed it look like a small plant in the forest .It has completed Electronics and communication Engineering in Anna University in the place SNSCT. Hobbies: Lobbying: Swimming : Long Drive's : Oh I missed Blogging

Everlasting moment in life:

Once I made a call to my classmate. Her Mom took the phone and said "Hello". I replied "could I speak to Anitha". She started shouting at me," She is suffering from fever and she is not willing to speak to anyone at this time".
I replied " Aunt this is serious and have to speak with her now at any cost". She got tensed and shouted " You don't know how to behave with a girl and you silly boy, ******* etc (sensored), Look Vignesh from now you are not speaking with her and end the call". I got tensed finally, the fact is I gave my record to her and tomo I have lab. I got scolding from her.. to bad. And the worst part is my friend Vignesh damp fool, who proposed her and finally I got scolding from her mom in place of him. The next day rapid fire - news spread in the class and from then I decided not to make any phone calls..

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